Jazz is the founder of JazzySpin Total Fitness, a full service personal training company. She is a Registered Nurse, Certified cycling instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and HIIT Coach. Jazz has completed two duathlons, a mini triathlon and is a three-time marathoner. She focuses on fostering client relationships and promoting individual well-being through attainable goal achievement, high expectations, and personal empowerment. She specializes in a unique cycle class turned up to a whole new level! She provides personal training to single clients and small groups with individual attention and client accountability. Jazz provides guidance on food choices and even insight on how to make eating healthy more fun. Her goal is to promote health and fitness for all levels, while making it fun and entertaining.

Coach Rohan

Coach Rohan is a USATF Certified Running Coach, training athletes in New York City, Long Island and surrounding area. He is co-founder of JazzySpin Total Fitness, a full service personal training company that specializes in personal training, stationary cycling, high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) and run coaching services.

He has completed 14 marathons, including two international and three of the Abbott World Marathon Majors (Boston, Chicago and New York). Rohan competed in the 2014 ING New York City Marathon Local Competitive Program. To be accepted into this program, runners must have run a qualifying time in a half-marathon or marathon in their respective age groups. Only 400 runners that meet the qualifications were accepted into the program.

He has coached several runners to individual best times and has helped many athletes reach personal best times in distances ranging from 5k to marathons. Although Rohan’s basic training program takes runners of all abilities to the starting line, he customizes the program to meet each individual’s goals. He educates his runners on important topics such as core strengthening, stretching, the mechanics of running (e.g., form and pace), nutrition, fueling for workouts and recovery, injury prevention, cross-training, sport psychology and running shoe and proper apparel selection. His style is to build effective coach and client relationships in a motivational way.

Philosophy: Teach, Elevate, Develop & Inspire